• Feyikemi Kukoyi
    Feyikemi Kukoyi Founder

    Feyikemi Kukoyi, better known as FTK, is an international wedding and events planner. FTK has over 10 years of wedding and event planning, designing and coordinating under her belt.

    Feyikemi and her team at FTK~KONNECT Events enjoy working directly with their clients by personally overseeing the planning, coordination, designing and set up of their décor. From the first meeting to delivery, their innovative style and creative approach to every detail results in a stress free and successful event. FTK~KONNECT has established an authentic reputation for professional service along with unique and exceptional products.

    Feyikemi’s background in business technology administration and panache for unique designs shows her skill set and creativity to make any event she’s involved in an outstanding success. She is currently pursuing her MBA degree to further her education while empowering herself with up-to-date knowledge to the advantage of her clients.

    Feyikemi is the Chief Creative Officer of the highly acclaimed and successful nonprofit organization; Globally Igniting Africa. Her intense passion to serve tirelessly within GIA earned her a double promotion within the organization. As the eyes and ears of GIA Inc., Feyikemi plans, designs and coordinates every event at GIA on a Global platform by conducting their worldwide events. She brilliantly merges her expertise as the Chief Creative Officer and Public Relations Director in GIA which is continually evident by the many successful events coined by the organization since its inception in 2011.

    Feyikemi is a force to be reckoned with in the events and hospitality industry. She is a woman who gives back to her community and Africa at large. Her love for event planning intensified her passion to creatively delve into producing a reality television show (WEB by FTK) which showcases the typical activities of an event planner and diversity in the wedding & events industry. WEB by FTK aims at equipping this generation with practical tips while keeping their parents conversant with trends in the wedding and events industry. She especially challenges young ladies to come to the realization of their dreams as event planners. She is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. She continues to be a great example to the younger generation; especially young ladies who struggle to find and follow their passion. Feyikemi Kukoyi is simply put; a phenomenal leader. For more information, please contact her directly via; Follow|Like @WebbyFTK


  • Yewande Olugbade
    Yewande Olugbade Event Coordinator

    Yewande was born in Nigeria but was raised in Pittsburgh. Her curiosity lead her to the FTK~Konnect team where she brings her enthusiasm, endless smile, and tenacity. Though FTK~Konnect holds dear to her heart, she also works as a Research Associate who designs and implement various programs for adolescents and pregnancy prevention programs.

    Saving one teen at a time, Yewande believes that providing teens with the power to make the best decision for themselves and the opportunity to thrive in their community is the best tool you can empower young people with. She loves being around people, lending a helping hand when needed, but most importantly, ensuring that she leaves a positive impact with everyone she comes across. An adventurer and foodie at heart, she loves exploring different places and eating varied cuisine. She looks forward to working with the other beautiful and wonderful ladies on the FTK~Konnect team and is very excited in meeting different people in this new journey but most importantly making sure all clients that comes to FTK~Konnect leaves with a positive experience and helping them make their dreams possible.

  • Bisi Oladele
    Bisi Oladele Event Coordinator

    The ever smiling Bisi, as she is fondly called, is a born and bred Nigerian who aspired more for education and so proceeded to study for her masters degree in architecture here in the united states. A proactive personality is what she strives to maintain as well as not taking with levity anything that pertains to God. Despite that she is a designer/architect by profession, she loves to try new things to expand her knowledge and be versatile in many things because she believes that learning is a continuous process that should never be halted and she is willing to impact FTK~Konnect with her wide range of knowledge and ideas. Asides that, making everyone she comes in contact with happy is her number one hobby, and that is why she has chosen to be a team member at FTK~Konnect.

  • Titilayo Shobo
    Titilayo Shobo Event Coordinator

    Titilayo Shobo was born and raised in Nigeria. She has a passion for events and was thrilled to be recruited as an Event Specialist with one of the most talented professional event planning companies with a global reach; FTK~Konnect. Titi enjoys her role as an event coordinator and also works as an event decor specialist. She is passionate about the needs and goals of clients and provides excellent  customer service. She loves being around people and exploring different places. She loves what she does and happy to be one of the event coordinator/decorator at FTK~Konnect Events.


  • Jane Ikpeme
    Jane Ikpeme Event Coordinator

    Jane is originally from Nigeria. She has a passion for event planning and coordinating, aside from her career in the Physical Therapy field. She loves seeing all the hard work that goes into planning an event come into fruition. Seeing a huge smile on the client’s faces after the conclusion of their event is of extreme importance to her. Her hobbies are travelling, talking on the phone with friends and family, watching her favorite TV shows, etc. She is glad to be a team member of FTK~Konnect

  • Sierra Underdue
    Sierra Underdue Event Blogger/Coordinator

    Sierra Underdue is a New Jersey native in her senior year at Towson University. Formally a business major, she is now a communications major, after realizing her passion in writing and public speaking. She loves to blog, write and perform poetry and is also a debater.  She has served as a contributing writer for her school’s paper and launched a series of blogs in which she touches on a array of topics including mental health in the black community and now weddings. After college, Sierra hopes to expand her writing experience and eventually open up her own business. Sierra is happy to be a blogger and an events coordinator at FTK~Konnect Events.

  • Daniella Oluka
    Daniella Oluka Event Coordinator

    Daniella was born and bred in Nigeria but moved to the United States for her college education. Though she is a biologist by training, Daniella is an energetic young woman who loves to make people laugh and have fun. She can be the life of the party as she loves dancing . Her quest to learn more about the behind the scene of event planning led her to FTK~Konnect Events. She came to the decision of being an event coordinator after being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding planned and coordinated flawlessly by FTK~Konnect Events.  She is excited about being a part of the team and is ready to bring her down to earth, fun-loving personality to the team and events.

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